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Did you know that Google offers nonprofit organizations $10,000 per month in free ad spend?

Google Ad Grants is an online advertising solution that enables nonprofits to reach new donors, volunteers, and audiences all over the globe. With this powerful tool, your nonprofit can create ads that appear when people search for terms related to your cause.

Nonprofits can use Google Ad Grants to:

Increase donations

Target donors online using intent-based targeting and guide them to your website.

Find volunteers

Good help is hard to find. Make it easier for volunteers to find and work with you.

Spread awareness

Leverage the resources you didn't know you had to share your story.

Change more lives

In the end, it's all about making an impact. Achieve your mission and create a better world.

Our team will help you by:

  • Completing the grant application process
  • Adjusting your website to meet qualification criteria
  • Creating expert-level messaging for impactful campaigns
  • Conducting keyword research to increase ad effectiveness
  • Developing landing pages to convert to donations
  • Reporting on campaign performance

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