Company Summary: Headquartered in Salisbury, MA, Asphalt Installations is one of the few woman-owned paving companies in the United States. Backed by three generations of experience, Daisy Snow and her family are considered experts in their trade and profound leaders in the Asphalt Industry.

Business Challenge: Although Daisy and her team hold extensive experience offering high quality Asphalt services, their audience reach was limited to referrals and outbound sales. Additionally, the competitive landscape has been steadily increasing in alignment with market demand for pavement needs in Essex County. It became apparent that new methods of customer acquisition were necessary to increase sales volume and generate a higher number of inbound leads.

Strategic Approach: Through a series of workshops and discovery sessions, our team uncovered the unique traits that helped differentiate Asphalt Installations from the competition. As an outsourced growth partner, we developed a custom marketing plan that included a rebrand, website, print collateral, and a digital marketing strategy. The outcome was an additional 7 leads per month resulting in a 32% increase in revenue.

  • Outsourced Growth Partner
  • Branding & Visual Design
  • Website Development
  • Printing & Mail Services
  • Digital Marketing

Leveraging branding in a competitive market

Our marketing plan began with a series of brand building exercises that helped Asphalt Installations find their unique personality and stand out amongst competitors. The values that have been passed down through generations now serve as the driving force behind Asphalt Installations new brand position.

Building a modern website that sells

To help showcase their new brand, EatCrayon’s designed and developed a mobile responsive website, complete with custom copy, graphics, and video. We even negotiated on the domain name http://www.asphaltinstallations.com to help audiences easily find and recall their digital presence.

Sealing the deal with print collateral

We designed and printed trifold brochures that helped lower opportunity costs by eliminating the need to respond to driveway aftercare inquiries. The trifold also served as a subtle upsell for snow removal services during winter months.

Our phones are ringing off the hook and we’re getting more leads through email every day. This was a huge leap forward for us.

Daisy Snow, Asphalt Installations Founder

Paving the road to a digital future

Like most trade businesses, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find and retain great marketing help. We are now partnered with Asphalt Installations to continuously strategize and execute on digital marketing initiatives that drive both short and long-term growth. Here are the results in just a few months of onboarding EatCrayon’s as a growth partner:


Increase in Inbound Leads


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Profits